Nikki Catsouras Car Accident : Nikki Catsouras Passing Photos

Only days following 18 year old Nikki Catsuras’ demise in a stunning Car Accident  in 2006, her dad got an email with an image of the bleeding mishap scene and the subtitle “Woohoo! Hello daddy, I’m as yet alive!”

A brutal stunt including nine horrifying pictures of the realistic mishap spread on the net and a phony Myspace page set up in Nikki’s name where she was known as a “dumb bitch”. Commentors composed things like, “That ruined rich young lady merited it” and “What a misuse of a Porsche”.

I just caught wind of nikki catsura, it’s so heartbreaking how even throughout everyday life and passing individuals are so mean to her, have you found out about her? What are your considerations concerning why somebody would do that to her family?

Repulsiveness S.Psi composed

2. Nikki Catsouras A young lady who passed on in 2006 because of a fender bender. The photograph of his passing ought to have been left well enough alone in light of the fact that even his own family had not been permitted to come to see the body to the scene. Yet, tsk-tsk, this is the period of the web.

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