Opinion: Happy New Year, as We Face 2021 Together

Happy New Year!

We usually look forward with some joy to the beginning of a new year, as it brings the hope of unrealized possibilities. In 2021, though, the joy of the new year may be dulled by controversy and apprehension. But we should take heart. In the most important matters, our destiny is in our own hands.

The United States faces an unprecedented political crisis. The presidential race is still not settled, and serious charges of fraud have been made. However, there are issues that transcend the choice of a president.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, what we do now matters. Each of us must make a choice on fundamental things. Communism seeks to gain control of the world and to silence voices that oppose it. In thousands of ways in our daily lives we see a struggle playing out between good and evil. How do we respond? Do we choose good or evil? Truth or falsehood? In making this choice, we decide our destiny.

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