More UK People See China as a ‘Critical’ Threat to Britain’s Security, Public Opinion Survey

An increasing number of British people see China as a serious threat to the UK’s security and do not want the country to pursue economic ties with Beijing, an annual survey found.

China, along with Russia is “distrusted by the vast majority of Britons” and is counted as a “distinctly hostile” global actor, according to the British Foreign Policy Group’s 2021 public opinion survey (pdf).

Of those surveyed, 41 percent, a hike of 11 percent since last year, regard China as a “critical” threat due to the risks it poses to the West “across a host of areas,” while just 22 percent are in favor of pursuing economic relations with Beijing.

As well as showing “an antipathy towards economic engagement with China,” the survey finds “an extremely faint degree of support” for any involvement by Beijing in the UK’s infrastructure.

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