How a slim wallet got me to ditch cash

How a slim wallet got me to ditch cash

Commentary: A lowly Ziploc bag was the first step. Maybe digital driver’s licenses will mean I’ll have no wallet at all someday.

Last fall, I realized it was time to update my decades-old wallet strategy.

Since I was a teenager, I’d been stuffing everything into a traditional bifold wallet. But now I’ve made a dramatic change to the way I haul around money and cards, and I’m expecting even more radical changes to come.

I felt no need for a new approach until my circumstances changed in the fall. First, with the pandemic, I’ve become much more of a homebody who often goes days without needing my wallet. Second, to minimize weight and bulk on a backpacking trip, I stuffed my driver’s license, health insurance card, credit card and some cash into a small Ziploc bag.

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